About Us

My name is Iman El Arabi, my academic background is french translation and I've had the career of a french teacher for many years. Then, my passion for teaching kids inspired me to start my very own nursery which was amazing for years. Then, I discovered a new passion by accident when I was preparing a baking course for the summer camp that I used to have at my nursery which I received a lot of positive feedback from both the parents and kids themselves so that’s when i decided to start a new career in BAKING AND CAKE DECORATION.

I started Chapeau Cakes in Egypt (used to be called Chapeau Cakery then) and I took a lot of courses and certification from Wilton USA as a professional cake decorator. Within one year I was able to earn my name in the market, that's when one of my friends, who is also a professional cake decorator convinced me to manage her Cake Decoration training centre, so I had to get certified from Wilton USA as trainer/instructor to manage the centre, be responsible for running the centre as well as being one of the trainers.

Then a new chapter in my life began by moving to the UK. So I started it all over again with Chapeau Cakes UK in 2016 in Heaton Moor, Stockport. With in 4 years we were able to establish our name in the UK market for Middle Eastern sweets and delights. We were one of the first people working on this line of sweets to deliver their products all over the UK and few of the orders to Ireland and USA.

For 2021 till 2025 strategy, we will still be working on expanding further the production and reach for our products to new cities and countries year on year. (Insha'Allah) 

Currently we are looking for distributors/collection centres in the different UK cities to further increase the availability of our products for our targeted customers all over the UK. If you are interested to be a distributor or have a suitable place to be a collection centre, please contact us on info@chapeaucakes.co.uk